Angela Gore
National Solar Advisor and Recruiter @ 3rd Rock Solar Discounters
Congratulations on beginning your journey to sustainability and independence!

I have been helping home owners improve their lives for over 25 years. I am honored to to have opportunity to work with you.
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Angela Wojtaszczyk
3 months ago
Angela was great! She is knowledgeable and professional. Anytime I had a question I would text her and she would get back to me quickly and with an answer. The whole process with thoroughly explained and went smoothly. Thank you Angela!!
Phil Greene
1 year ago
Angela is very knowledgeable and most of all as honest as anyone I've ever known. She scheduled and arranged the installations perfectly. You can't ask for better service. Call Angela for a great, honest deal.
Brian Mays
1 year ago
Flawless process that has set my family up for success with energy independence. She has been very helpful , professional and knowledgeable with every aspect of my Solar project. I have had my system a year now and I have not had a eletric bill the whole time.
Phil Greene
1 year ago
Angela did a great job arranging the installation of our Solar Panels and related equipment. She is as honest a person as I've ever known. She also is very knowledgeable. Call Angela for a great deal and installation. We have not had an electric bill for 7 months.
James Wegmann
1 year ago
Angela was an absolute expert in the solar field. Her customer service is top notch and did everything in her power to make sure that the project went smoothly. Will use again for next solar project for sure.
Fred Hicks
1 year ago
Angelo is the best. Super knowledgeable, professional, and fun! If you need solar or thinking about Solar talk to her first.
luis rendon Rendon
2 years ago
Great super nice customer service! Always happy efficient and knowledgeable
Robert Watkins
2 years ago
To say that you have gone the extra mile to make me a happy customer will be minimizing your effort I thank you for your attitude your wildness to serve me and you're desired to supply Extraordinary service.
Bert Willard
2 years ago
Excellent work, keep me informed every step
Matt Gallagher
2 years ago
Angela. I'm looking for an affordable home made solar panel and system that can be mounted away from the home, on a stand with another panel
Sean Welsh
2 years ago
Angela was great to work with and very helpful with all of our questions. Since we have gone solar our power bills have been fantastic and our home value has skyrocketed. I highly recommend anyone wanting to go solar contact her. Thanks a bunch Angela!!
Bob Hall
2 years ago
Very professional give her a call today
Donna Harris
2 years ago
We had our solar installed around 10/19 Angela was very professional and stayed on top of any issues that popped up as the installation was being done! We highly recommend Angela to anyone that is thinking about getting solar. Angela was great at answering all of our questions about solar power and didn’t try to sell us more than what we were wanting. Our solar system is truly paying for its self! Donna H
Mike Laurent
2 years ago
I have been shopping around for a good reputable solar company for a long time and non came close to being honest and transparent Mrs Gore is an outstanding sales representative. She made you laugh and treated me like family.. When I first met her she took the time to make sure that I understood and made me feel comfortable in making a sound decision on the product. She still stays in contact with me unlike other reps. I enjoy talking to here everytime she calls. The industry needs more down to earth and honest people like her. She is outstanding!!!!
Purcell Ellis
2 years ago
Angela patiently explained how beneficial going solar can be. I never realized how much I could save on my electric bill! I'm very pleased and wish I would have gone solar years ago.
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