Caleb Brown
Local Account Manager @ Nature Guard Pest & Lawn
Hey it's Caleb, the neighborhood Pest Guy! I have been working with Nature Guard Pest & Lawn (aka “the pink trucks”) for a while now and I really enjoy it! Prior to joining the team, I used their service for over 3 years and have been very happy with the results and quality of service they provide.

People generally start with us because we offer a lot more, in the quality of service, for a little less plus we're local and family owned---so we're always available when you need us!

They have been good to me and care about their employees and customers. Nature Guard Pest & Lawn makes the difference by providing a designated team of pest care professionals you’ll grow to know by name that will take care of your home like it’s their own. Choose the best and get rid of your pests!

Thank you in advance for any reviews!
What others say about me
63 personal review
Dave Hall
2 weeks ago
Great service flexible and easy to book! Professionals to say the lease!
Janet Viel
2 weeks ago
Awesome rep and company. Very happy with their service!
Abigail Dowd
2 months ago
Caleb is such a pleasure to be around! I highly recommend doing business with him. Plus, you're also doing business with a family-owned company!
2 months ago
Knowledgeable and helpful!
Jamie Miller
2 months ago
Loving our service! From the owner, to the sales team, to the techs… all so kind and willing to help in any way. Thankful to have found this locally owned company.
Sheri Andreo
3 months ago
Caleb is wonderful and so sweet. He knows his stuff too.
Phyllis Albertson
4 months ago
So far so good. The gentleman that came to our home was very nice.
Pedro Mari
4 months ago
How long it takes to see results? Over a week and no improvement.
Maria Hernandez
4 months ago
I was not here personally, but my family loved his great service and are looking forward to continue working with him. Thank you Caleb for helping us out with our spider problem! Definitely gives us a peace of mind to have such a knowledgeable professional take care of us.
Janet Guerra
4 months ago
Great customer service!! So glad to have found Caleb at this company!!
Tifini Crawford
4 months ago
Met Caleb at Rooster Days in Broken Arrow. I had been in tears over our ant battle for months!!! I nearly broke down in front of him, (I was so fed up with the ants my inner Samuel L Jackson was coming out! 😂😂) but he assured me he would save my kitchen! We booked our first appointment that Monday and have not seen an ant since!!! I can leave sweets on my counter again!!! Yay!!! Not only did he get rid of the ants but the guy has some super top notch customer service skills too!! I can’t recommend Nature Guard and Caleb enough!!!
Katherine Belden
4 months ago
I called a couple of weeks ago and Caleb had a young man here within 2 hours. We had a terrible ant and spider problem. Less then 48 hours after the 1st treatment, no more infestation. We still have an occasional bug but then-they are bugs and can come from anywhere. Terrific people, affordable service, & long lasting product. Safe for my grandson and my 3 little fur babies. Thank you Caleb!!!
Kelly Tackentien
4 months ago
Caleb did a great job. We were seeing a lot of those pesky ants and now since he sprayed I haven’t had any. Great explanation of what all he did. Great service service.
Darlene Thompson
4 months ago
Caleb and Nature Guard have done a wonderful job we have used them for 3 years. Always quick to respond when we needed extra services and always do a great job.
Miranda Bourque
5 months ago
So far, I am thoroughly impressed! It’s only been 2 days and I notice a difference. Customer service is great too.
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