Riyadh Bahar
Sub-Regional Manager @ Smart Haven
Hey it’s Riyadh! I have been working in the Telecommunications Industry for the past six years. I am currently a Sub-Regional Manager at the top ADT by Telus dealership in Canada - SmartHaven Security. Feel free to leave me a review if you enjoyed working with me!
What others say about me
51 personal review
Mona Mayes
2 weeks ago
Amazing ! Really helpful and personal .
Nura Hersi
1 month ago
I've never gone out of my way ever to leave a positive review about phone provider employee. I either do because they were horrible or they didn't give me a reason to go out of my way to comment. That is until now. Riyadh is genuinely an amazing humble individual. As a telus rep I feel exceeded his job requirements. He's polite, straightforward, knowledgeable and truly even with the upsetting I know I was in good hands. Start to finish he made the entire sign up transparent and smooth. I know I wasn't being conned. He's honest and knowledgeable.
Andre Gambi
4 months ago
I was having some issues regarding a wi-fi account update for my place, and I tried to solve it for over a year. Riyadh not only helped me solve that, but also offered an amazing price on a new internet speed, and everything works perfect. It is 100x better. Amazing service and very kind. Highly recommend him!
Maggie Glover
6 months ago
“I had a wonderful experience with Riyadh and this company. The customer service was exceptional he was funny and genuine and went above and beyond to ensure my satisfaction. I would definitely do business with them again.
Jacey Lloy
6 months ago
Awesome customer service, great sense of humour, technician was on standby for installation within the hour 👌
Courtney Hoffort
7 months ago
Riydah went above and beyond to find me the best deal for home security. Very happy!
Tianna Peters
9 months ago
Super nice guy! Amazing customer service. Got me and my boyfriend an amazing deal on Telus wifi. Big thanks to Riyadh!
Ruth Amaefule
1 year ago
When I met over the summer Riyadh he was very personable, thoughtful when providing information about the Telus services. He was very generous and kind with providing his time and attention to details when setting each phone numbers and ensuring that we were well set up concerning the security system. Riyadh was a pleasure to work with.
Jasmine Bouvier
1 year ago
Absolutely amazing. Very knowledgeable. Friendly. I would Absolutely recommend him to anyone and everyone.
Gabriel Cote
1 year ago
It was great and made a new brother
Sheena Ketlo
1 year ago
He was a amazing and very kind
Skyler Soldat
1 year ago
Really good service, definitely going to recommend to others
Jayni W
1 year ago
Great communication, very friendly, and super informative.
Bryan Panes
1 year ago
Two Thumbs Up for this dude! Easy to get along and deal with, answers anything you need answering. Polite and Funny. Highly recommended.
Alain Nieva
1 year ago
awesome fine man, knows everything you can save for, expert on whats his doing, trustworthy and respectful young man
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