Thomas Knight
Solar Developer | Project Concierge @ NRG
Glad you stopped by! I’m Thomas, your friendly neighborhood solar and home efficiency expert. I’m going to keep things pretty short and sweet, send your energy bill over and I’ll get right to work on a plan to cut your costs with a fixed predictable payment for that ever increasing energy bill. The report will be completed rather quickly and then we can go over results and see if your home is a good fit. Talk to you soon!
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Ryan Toole
9 months ago
Ultimate professional, genuinely passionate about renewable energy and helping others.
Sue Coyle
10 months ago
I cannot say enough about Thomas Knight and NRG! While I do not know him, Thomas has come to my rescue twice now with my system. I am from Orlando, and had my system installed by (a competitor) unfortunately. I was on the FB page for this company after my system went down after an outage/surge situation. I was panicking, and people were offering suggestions, but Thomas was the only one who offered to call me and walk me through the mess! It was an easy fix, that I most certainly would not have figured out myself. Had it not been for Thomas, I would have likely had to wait days in the sweltering heat for the competitor to get someone out for a service call. The second time he helped me was just yesterday and today, when I contacted him about the cost of taking panels down for re-roofing. When I told him my Duke energy bill was around $125-$150, he told me it should be $25! I have had the system now for over 2 years. Thomas generously offered to get into my system via the app and make adjustments. Thanks to him, my home is now self powered! I am beyond happy! I will definitely be referring anyone and everyone who asks to NRG for sure! He went over, above and beyond to help me, even though I wasn't even one of his customers. So grateful!! Thank you Thomas.
Clinton O’brien
1 year ago
I received estimates from 4 different installers and NRG was by far the best value as far as choices/quality of equipment and pricing. T.J. laid out every single option available and was transparent about the costs associated. He was the most knowledgeable and fluent in current solar technology. NRG exceeded my expectations.
Derick Place
1 year ago
Thomas was thorough, didn’t try selling me a bunch of things I didn’t need and was very clear about the process. Set the expectation very well and delivered.
Bruce Langford
1 year ago
Great experience working with you!
David Hirales
1 year ago
What a guy!!! Saving me $1000+ a year!
Jeff Louis
1 year ago
T.J. Was extremely knowledgeable and obviously cares about what he does. I was happy to go solar and lucky to have him there every step of the way.
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