Gabrielle Hernandez
Logistics Manager @ Murphy Christmas Lighting
Hello, I’m Gabrielle. Better known as Gabs around MCL. I have my Bachelor’s degree from the University of North Texas in Biology. I have a deep passion for finding everyone’s perfect fit whether that be inside of retail arbitrage, distribution or find the perfect color scheme for your property. My extensive retail background has let my passion for fashion thrive, even with MCL where you can find me styling my uniform into something a bit chicer, even if it’s just to take shipment. My background has taught me the value of taking something simple and elevating it into something better and always more beautiful, similarly as in that we always want to take the project to the next level. When you don't find me at the MCL shop, I'm on the perfect run, shopping for my next big outfit, or spending the day with my nieces and nephew.
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