Hunter Ballew
Founder @ Revolt
Founder of... - Mastermind & Events responsible for thousands of business owners increasinging their revenue by hundreds of millions of dollars. Check out all the reviews on YouTube & our apparel πŸ˜‰ - A Partner Program with certified roofing companies to serve homeowners across the United States

RoofCON - Annual Conference with over 5k registered & 200+ vendors

Cornerstone Construction - 8 Figure Contracting Company

Partner at - An App that increases close rate drastically with over 100k users πŸš€

Former US Marine, Firefighter & EMT πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²

Author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Best Seller: Make It Count

Trained thousands of business owners doing well over a billion dollars collectively per year.

Featured in dozens of conferences, podcasts & publications such as; Forbes, Entrepreneur .com, USA Today, NewsMax & more. Built multiple 7 & 8 figures businesses with a multiple 8 figure exit to a public company.

2X Malaria + E. Coli Survivor 🦟🀣

Most importantly - a husband, father of two and focused on becoming the best leader I can be for my family, friends & those I can help throughout the world.

My Life Mission: To develop millions of leaders who go on to impact the lives of billions πŸ™


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What others say about me
112 personal review
Douglas Mitchell
3 months ago
Hunter is an amazing podcast guest! If you have one you gotta have him on!
Chrissie Litenski
6 months ago
Hunter is such an amazing individual and professional. Someone who inspires and promotes growth in a very special way. I am grateful for having crossed paths with Hunter is this life and can't wait to learn more from him.
Lynette Young
6 months ago
Hunter has established himself as a preeminent expert and visionary leader in the restoration industry. His depth of knowledge and commitment to excellence set him apart as a professional. Regardless of the type of organization he's at the helm of, Hunter's leadership is marked by a unique blend of compassion and effectiveness. He possesses a remarkable ability to navigate complex challenges, always ensuring that his team is motivated and aligned with the company's goals. His approach is not just about achieving results; it's about doing so in a way that respects and uplifts everyone involved. In essence, Hunter's leadership style is a rare combination of empathy, strategic insight, and unwavering dedication to his craft.
Madeline Stout
6 months ago
Hunter is an exceptional leader and leaves a profound impact in every conversation he has. I’m grateful for his willingness to coach and mentor those around him. His genuine desire to leave the world a better place is an inspiration to thousands
Tony Reyes
8 months ago
Hunter is a the real deal! He is inspirational, dedicated to his vision and creating a legacy that will impact many families and generations to come.
Bailey Raffa
8 months ago
Hunter is beyond amazing person doing some amazing things! I’m super excited to learn more from Hunter and his team!
Justin Bennett
8 months ago
Went to roofcon for help scaling my roofing business. Hunter took the time to sit down and talk to me, and gave me incredible guidance. I left roofcon a better man with better ambitions in life, not just business!
Mark Aumen
8 months ago
I found Hunter and Revolt at a time of transition in my business. Needed direction and Man did I ever find it with Hunter. 3x’d my business in the first year with the help of his program and som amazing mentors along the way. Looking forward to continued growth as well as the opportunity to help other business leaders with what I’ve learned. Thank you Hunter πŸ™
RΓ΄mulo Gomes
8 months ago
Hunter is more then anyone could write here in words. whatever it is you be thinking about doing with him, get out of here and go do it. It will be worth it
Marcus Johnson
8 months ago
Hunter is a genuine man. Transparent in his actions and beliefs. His focus on building people up to change the lives of other is not only admirable its happening daily.
Alicia Roth
8 months ago
Hunter is an amazing leader and motivator. He really believes in the programs he designs and is willing to help anyone reach their goals. He is truly one of a kind.
Jason Kamprowski
8 months ago
Hunter Ballew is not just a prominent figure in the business world; he's a trailblazer. As the driving force behind RoofCON, The Revolt Mastermind, and his array of successful businesses, he's done more than launch initiatives. He's reshaped the culture of the roofing industry, championing a standard of excellence and innovation that's unparalleled. This transformation, led by Hunter's visionary leadership, has turned the roofing community into a pillar of collaboration, growth, and unwavering integrity. His influence, however, isn't restricted to business achievements alone. He's a cultivator of leaders, fostering a spirit of community where individuals are empowered to give back, share knowledge, and uplift others. This ethos isn't just about individual success but emphasizes collective growth and community advancement. I've had the privilege of observing and learning from Hunter since 2019. Over the years, he's been more than just a key industry figure to me β€” he's been a true friend, mentor, and an invaluable business coach. Every interaction with him, whether at a major event or a casual conversation, is a testament to his unwavering commitment to legacy, leadership, and personal growth. In an industry that can often prioritize transactions over genuine connections, Hunter's approach is refreshingly different. He understands success goes beyond the balance sheets; it's about forging meaningful relationships and creating lasting impacts. For those in the roofing domain or any field seeking to find a renewed sense of purpose, Hunter Ballew stands as a beacon. I owe immense gratitude to Hunter for sculpting a distinctive, impactful culture in the roofing realm, which I am immensely proud to be associated with. He's undeniably a game-changer.
Jp Wilson
8 months ago
A man of action!!!!! Does what he says, relievers what he promises.
Brandon Mills
8 months ago
Hunter is the real deal. He’s passionate and driven in everything he does. He’s an incredible guy that cares just as much about the success of everyone around him as he does his own. Any chance I get to be part of something Hunter Is involved in, I jump at it. It’s always a worthwhile investment.
Bill Crook
8 months ago
I've worked with Hunter since 2018. He's truly the real deal. I've never meet a guy that is so passionate about helping others succeed in business and in life. Life is short, take a chance. You won't be disappointed connecting with Hunter. Thin threads can take you far!
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