Scott Jones
CEO @ Resilient Solar Solutions
Hey there! My name is Scott Jones & I am the CEO of Resilient Solar Solutions. Thank you for taking the time to consider us as your Local & National Solar Provider. We pride ourselves on helping customers find the best solution for their home & energy needs while making sure you save $$ in the process. Integrity & communication are the key factors that will separate us from the rest of the Industry. I look forward to serving you!
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Joseph Mcnabb
3 months ago
Scott helped me understand solar in a very simple, straightforward manner, and he steered me towards a program the made sense for me.
Jeremy Czarny
4 months ago
The team was both very attentive to my questions and completed the project in a professional manner. Everyone working on the project was knowledgeable about my specific hardware which was helpful. I would highly recommend working with this team to anyone looking for a solar solution.
Nick Gilley
5 months ago
Scott was great to deal with. He really listened to what I wanted and did his best to make it all happen. Great experience from start to finish and even with the follow up after.
Carl Keene
5 months ago
Scott is very knowledgeable about his business. He explained the ins and outs in a manner that was easy to understand. He stayed on top of the project throughout the process, and was always available to answer any questions I may have had. I'm very impressed, and glad that I had the opportunity to do business with him.
Mark Ballentine
6 months ago
I appreciate all of Scott’s efforts and advice. He’s an old hand with solar and he knows what he’s talking about. I had my solar installed two years ago and he has never failed to deal with hiccups or answer a phone call promptly. Any of the frustrations that I may have suffered had nothing to do with him but the large companies that he worked for. This is why I am so glad to see him starting a new company with himself at the head. I’m sure that he will do his part well and bring a modicum of real integrity back into the solar business. The old saying is true, “if the head is sick, so is the whole body”. So, with that said, if you’re considering an investment of your hard earned money into the purchase of your own power plant you can trust that Scott and his new company, Resilient Solar Solutions will do the right thing for you.
Mathew Mccrae
7 months ago
The team was very helpful and responsive to my questions. JJ and Shawn on the install team were amazing. The system is exactly what I wanted.
Michael Reierson
7 months ago
Scott's team is very professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend him and his team!
John Newell
8 months ago
I will say I have run several solar company’s off before Telvin Jackson from Titan came knocking on my door. He was very professional and knowledgeable about his products. After getting the initial info from Telvin we moved on to Scott for the final details. Telvin was good Scott was great. Very personable, prepared for our conversation, adding info we didn’t even ask, and amazing follow up on the couple issues we had during the whole process. I would recommend Scott and his team to anyone for their solar needs.
Shirshah Said
9 months ago
Excellent explanation, recommendation based on what is needed. Knowledgeable.
Linda Walters
9 months ago
The installation process was very long and not without issues but the end result was awesome.
James Shelton
9 months ago
Very helpful, had alot of knowledge.
Nick Gilley
9 months ago
If you want to deal with a solid man of integrity, Scott Jones is the guy. I recommend him highly to all friends and family needing Solar in the area.
Andres Moreno
9 months ago
Scoot and his team at titan solar installed our solar panels, a task that was not easy. I always had many doubts about converting my house to solar energy, but during our first meeting, Scoot resolved many of our doubts and we decided to carry out the project. The whole process was going well until we had an issue with the HOA due to paperwork misunderstandings, we had to remove some ceiling tiles, solar panels and my roof had to be repaired. This is when I appreciate that Scoot was my agent, he was at the foot of the canyon in this incident. He gave us his support and most importantly he gave us timely and professional attention, turning a big problem into something that was easily solved. In a few words, he is a professional person, with extensive knowledge in solar installations, he is aware of his clients and their needs. And he's always one call away from help. I recommend it 100%. Additionally the installation team was excellent, I am a very picky person with installations and they did an exceptional job and very clean. 100% recommended.
MIke Shaw
9 months ago
I have worked with Scott Jones for many years and have come to consider him one of the most knowledgeable and professional solar people out there. I especially like working with him because his customers are happy. The first part of having a successful solar experience is working with a dealer or rep that really knows their stuff. Some aspects of solar can be highly technical. Scott has both the knowledge and the straight forward demeanor that you can’t afford to do without when making a solar decision. I refer Scott to my friends and recommend him highly. There are other good solar people, but in my opinion Scott is one of (if not the) best. Mike Shaw, ATD Roofing.
Zach Butler
9 months ago
Scott has been the best! He takes time to get to know you and your situation to help you out the best way possible. He has been great to my family and made getting solar one of the easiest things we’ve ever done to our house. We are extremely happy with everything Scott has done for us!
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